Services include:

Hail Damage Repair

The primary method we use in repairing hail damage is by accessing the back side of the dent with proper tooling. The tools we use are specially designed for PDR work by professional companies. In the process the molecules of the metal are encouraged back onto original position by a series of pushes from the tool at the correct place in the damage. Various sizes and tool tips are become a very important necessity for proper repairs, which is why when you see my tools you can understand the many different styles. What about areas that are inaccessible by our tools? We use a glue pull method attaching a small plastic tab with glue to the surface of your vehicle. Then our tooling attaches to the tab that allows us to repair the damage

Door Dings and Dents

Door dings and small dents happen in many ways, From grocery carts, other car doors opening into your car and rocks while driving down the road. We have repaired doors on farm trucks where cattle have bumped into them. Often in these cases the paint will have some scuff marks. Most of the time with some buff work the scuffs can disappear. The repair method of these is much the same as with hail damage, depending on the severity it may require a combination glue pull.


These can be more difficult to repair. Although much of the same methods are used the time required to repair increases with the length of the crease. The length of the crease is often a factor used in pricing the damage. These are the type of dents that most often have a deeper scratch that may require painting or touch up painting to stop any rust from beginning.

Large Dent Repair

These are fun too! Well some of them, this is where the bull backed into the door of the truck, the deer jumped out in front of you ect. Take notice in the photos you will see some large dent repairs. We will be open with you, if we think the dent on your vehicle will repair only a percentage of the way, we will tell you up front. In many cases the amount you will pay us for the repair by PDR is less then your deductible with the insurance company would be. If we can't do it by PDR we can paint for you.

Paint Chip Repair

We all know about paint chips. The front of our vehicles get blasted by rocks and other debris as we drive down the road. These small chips can be very unsightly but the bigger damage they do is open the paint on your car thus giving a place for rust to begin. We use a specially formulated paint additive which adds to the paint we mix according to your vehicle's paint code to seal rock chips.

Paint Correction

Has the paint on your vehicle taken on a dull look, the luster seems to have disappeared? This happens over time by the sun's rays causing the paint to oxidize. Slightly oxidized paint can be restored; by buffing and waxing you can have that new look again. Keeping up with this periodically will extend the life your vehicles paint.

Scuff and Scratch Repair

It's so hard to keep the scuffs and scratches from happening on our cars, we drive and park carefully but suddenly there it is, a scratch down side of the car! Hey we can help, color sanding and buffing can do a lot for your those kind of blemishes.

Painting severely damaged parts

Of course it's possible, hail has clubbed your car so bad that some of the parts can't be repaired using the PDR method. In these cases we either order new or used parts or use filler to repair the damaged ones then apply paint according to the vehicle code. Again, know that can have a part in choosing a method.

Interior Leather Repair

We also offer vehicle leather repair, cuts, scratches and or burns ca easily occur, many of which can be repaired. Some times too the coloring is worn and simply needs a new dye applied.

New Leather Interiors

We offer new leather interiors by Katzkin. These are a very good quality leather. The old weather cloth or leather coverings will be removed and new coverings installed. No, it's not just a seat cover its a seat covering replacement. If you cannot purchase your new car with leather we can get it leather for you!